Our Client Design Showcase

Rick Clarence Fine Art


I am so impressed ....you have truly lived up to your name, beautiful artist websites. the look is as much if not more then our expectations. Please tell Josse, I feel the love she put into this project.

All family and friends are so surprised and delighted when they look at the website. Common comment: Wow! This is much more elegant and professional then we expected.

i want to again express my and rick's appreciation for the many ways you have said that Rick is a true artist.
..... Laray Clarence


The Decor-American website was completely redesigned from the ground up to showcase Joy's elegant abstract and representational acrylic on canvas. Included was a customized email management system and sign up form.


Alchemy Radiant Health needed a placeholder for their upcoming health start up. We created a Flash video that explained their services and a sign up form for the newsletter.


"The website looks great. Thank you so much. it is very elegant and I can tell you put a lot of work into it. Now it's my turn to work by putting it to good use.

Feedback on the web-site has been excellent. people find it clean, easy to navigate and professional looking. Your design work has been getting good reviews. Congratulations and thanks.

Mary Gregg Bryne


"The website is just beautiful and wonderful. I do like the color combinations too and all the little details.

Thank you, thank you for all your tremendous efforts in meeting my deadline.

Nancy Chakrin


"Living in a remote area produced the need to have an dynamic online presence. Josse had fine examples of her work online, her work was different from the "common" thumbnail styles often seen for artists. In addition to her completed projects with testimonials, everything was laid out nicely to see, complete with prices and features. Josse was very helpful, and made sure we had a good understanding throughout the building process. Josse's added touch with custom buttons and an "arts blog" entered me into a new world I was completely unaware of. Simply put, Beautiful Artist Websites (BAW) designed a professional website I am very pleased with."
Jon Conkey


The brief from Eye Conz Art was to design an online-gallery to display the unique beauty of their trompe l'oeil art - art works so real that they literally “fool the eye". Beautiful Artist Websites responded with a design which showcases the prestige quality of these stunning and individually crafted design pieces. Colors, fonts, kerning and image placement were all fine tuned to create a sumptuous and elegant space for the work.


Bruce wanted a Flash photography website to showcase his photographs using transitions and thumbnails. He had a lot of photographs so we worked on creating a design that could encompass a large number of photo galleries and corresponding images.


"When you have Beautiful Artist Websites hang your artistic sign on the web,you put your best foot forward where the most people see it. Clean and colorful, attentive to form and function, and -- most importantly --sensitive to the unique artistic elements of each individual client, they get it done right. My visitors will more likely take my music seriously when they see the professional and attractive visual presentation it receives on my beautiful artist website. Thank you so much."

-Jesse Rubenfeld, Singer-songwriter, Manhattan


"I would never be able to fathom Josse Ford’s craft: I gave her all my own ideas, but she brought out energies I had not seen and resources I had never suspected. I love my signature scrawled across the top of the pages: This is what you see in expensive, illustrated volumes of famous artists. All in all, the site is a combination of subtlety and power.

You will enjoy the individual attention at BAW. It is much nicer to work with a small studio than a big company. Of course I would recommend them to other artists! They were very attentive and always quick to respond to ideas or questions. What they really excelled in though, was the design process and the quality of the work.
David Culp


We designed Genevieve Redmond's new website to showcase her lovely portraits and Northeast landscapes to Arts Professionals. The design aesthetic was chosen to compliment the ethereal nature of her work. Gallery pages were laid out to resemble slides, so that galleries and dealers more familiar with conventional slide portfolios would feel at ease viewing the work.
Josse Ford

"Thank you for your good work. I think the site is very clean, and clear, just what I asked for."
Genevieve Redmond


"There is a business part of art that most artists avoid – creating a website.  I was able to meet two wonderful people at  Beautiful Artist Websites, Josse and Daniel who created an awesome site for my art pieces.  Sometimes when I start a painting everything seems to “flow” and when I step back to view the piece I say “Wow, I did that!”.  Working with BAW was that feeling from the very beginning. Josse and Daniel took the time to listen to what I wanted, made suggestions, and helped me work through the business end of the art field.  The whole process “flowed”.  Wow!  They did that!!!!

My website not only shows the gallery pieces as individual works of art but also surrounds them in a very professional and elegant setting.  I could not have asked for more.  They went beyond what I was expecting.  I recommend every artist work with BWA to showcase their art work. Josse and Daniel are the best."

Willo Balfrey


"I wanted a modern high-end look in my website that evoked the feeling of wandering through a beautiful gallery. The black background showcases my photographs very nicely and I love the gallery navigation scheme which I have not seen before. Clients have told me that they are able to form a strong picture of my artistic character from the website.

Beautiful Artist Websites were great to work with. The whole process was fast, fun, and very creative; and the website is as solid as a rock. Already I am using it to show my latest works to galleries and I'm planning to add an online shop this year so I can sell to collectors throughout the world."

Marc Jennings


"BAW offered me a great deal on an excellent website and accomplished the task in a very short time period. Josse was very professional and after only a short phone interview knew exactly what I needed; she is especially observant, skilled and has a great eye for color.

I have a beautiful website and feel excited about showcasing my work within it."
Jennifer Neal


"Art Marketing Secrets was created to share current tips and ideas with emerging and mid career artists. As such, we wanted the design to communicate a sense of beauty, fun, and vitality - something that artists would look forward to visiting every morning with their coffee. BAW created a visually stimulating design which appeals to a range of artists from students through to full-time professionals. So far, we've had a great response from our readers.

Daniel Tardent


"I required a website that combined both artistic presentation and design with clear e-commerce ability. I wanted a clean minimalist design to showcase the art and clear navigation."

Josse Ford


"I wanted a fluid 3-column layout with a distinctive color palette and custom banner for my arts blog. It had to be self-maintaining and easy to navigate."

Josse Ford

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